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Quiet House

Architecture | 09 May 2017



It is a quiet place in a small village on the south of France. This project, by the French studio ARTELABO, was built on a small property, but with an enchanting view to the valley.
The aim of this project was to create a house which was “introverted” and “hidden from the sight, entirely turned towards the landscape”. This house, with an architecture that stands out for its simple and regular composition, breaks the traditional codes and highlights a singular aesthetic: of its exterior walls, only the one facing the valley has windows. The natural light provided by the courtyards “gives strength to its interior space” because all rooms open to at least one courtyard.
The construction and the used materials, such as the masonry and the roof tiles, sought that the house would be part of the region where it is located. The structure has four volumes, in a regular pattern, surrounded by a peripheral wall. The two slopes roofs give the idea of a small house.



Photos: Marie-Caroline Lucat



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