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Rapt Studio

Interiors | 12 Jan 2017



Rapt Studio designed HBO’s new office spaces. The North American tv channel is the producer of shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld and The Sopranos, and its software engineering division, HBO Digital Products, is expanding. So, they leased three floors of a building called Hill7, in Seattle, where HBO will develop and test interactive and digital contents.
Taking into account HBO Digital Products’ needs, namely “their agile work process, potential optimization strategies, as well as the special Pacific Northwest flavor of the staff”, Rapt Studio says that a responsive and supportive workspace was developed, thinking on “the teams, workflow and culture” that make up the division. Therefore, there are rope ceilings, exposed wood and raw steel. “Pacific Northwest’s manufacturing and maritime history married to the high tech” of HBO, considering that “the flexibility and adaptability of the space was paramount” as the studio says in the press release.
As a result, the space can be easily reconfigured depending what the team is doing due to a raised flooring system and mobile desking. There are also walls that allow writing on its surface and spaces where teams can get together and discuss projects. The staff can also enjoy “a coffee bar with lounge seating adjacent to library space”, a place that “provides a more contemplative and detached work environment”. In this way, the workspaces are complemented with leisure spaces, which promote “a community culture”.



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Rapt Studio





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