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Magazine Design | 03 May 2018



Based in Munich, RELVÃOKELLERMANN is an industrial design office that brings together two brilliant minds. Ana Relvão, Portuguese; Gerhardt Kellermann, German. Both graduated in industrial design, although they studied in different universities and grew up in distinct cultures, their methods and competences are very similar. And possibly that`s why this duo works so well. Side by side, they work product design in a unique way, developing along with brands a very particular language that is already a signature. More than drawing objects, Ana and Gerhardt like to experiment new materials, new techniques, new solutions, and explore the way brands communicate their products – particularly through photography – in an exceptional way.




What is an “average day” like in RELVÃOKELLERMANN?

That’s a difficult question. It depends a lot on the currently ongoing projects in the studio. We consider ourselves part of a new generation of professionals who, due to technological, economic and even social changes, have had to learn to work in several types of constellations. Sometimes as external consultants, we are part of projects that, because of their complexity, require a multinational and multidisciplinary team, as well as flexible – it is not a 9am to 5pm workday, in which all the participants sit together in a room. We can work directly at a client’s facilities using the means given to us, or use our own, or possibly work directly from our studio, which is where we have our infrastructure fully organized, with all the necessary support for concept development and prototyping. To complicate things a little more, we travel a lot not only as designers, but also as photographers.


What cannot be missing in your work place?

Internet. Since we can be anywhere, it is very important to be able to access our database from anywhere. 


What is it like working in pairs? Do you divide tasks thoroughly, or do you always work side-by-side?

We are both very similar. Not only in terms of principles but also in technical competences, so often one of us starts a project, and the other continues it. When we are in the studio, we sit together, our computers side by side and discuss new ideas with each other whenever we have them. Discussing ideas is fundamental. Sometimes we try to divide jobs, but in the end, we are both always involved in all the project’s stages.


As product designers, what is the most challenging material for you to work with?

All materials are challenging, also a same material can be processed in all sorts of ways... By the variety of industrial manufacturing processes and its complexity, perhaps plastics in general.

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Text: Isadora Faustino


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