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Magazine Architecture | 10 May 2016


It was a giant box used, for sure, to transport some of the company’s tiling, which set the tone for Carlos Castanheira when designing the new offices for Revigrés, a project, which, from the outset, has stood out from the usual architectural processes for the premises the ceramics company gave to the architect. This wasn’t about the construction a building on a piece of land, or about developing an idea for the interior of a space. The site for which the project was aimed was the pavilion of the company’s ‘Unidade 2’ warehouse, a building inside another purposed for the offices of the Industrial Division, the Department of Quality, Maintenance and Equipment and Installations, so that a close relationship between them and the various production sections of the factory could be achieved.


Featured in ROOF 2

Text: Paula Monteiro
Photos: FG + SG | Architectural Photography

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