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Reydon Grove Farm

Architecture | 16 Jan 2017



Reydon Grove Farm, in Sufflock, United Kingdom, is a residential project of Norm Architects, that proposes one single bungalow, the Scott House, to this location. With a long and narrow structure, the idea is that the building adapts to its surroundings, in other words, the new construction measures correspond to those of the existing barn and other farm structures, in “magnitude and scale”.
Open spaces, with “long views”, are privileged in the interior, as Norm Architects refers. So, the bungalow is divided by “freestanding elements” and with a more private area: the bedrooms and bathrooms.
Scott House also wants to be light and airy. With this in mind, the architects projected a roof with a large overhang and a vertical wooden cladding, matching the other farm’s structures. The façade lets nature be an “integral part” of the bungalow’s inside.


Credits: Cortesy of Norm Architects
Norm Architects


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