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RIB Beef & Wine

Magazine Flavour | 26 Jul 2016



With the River Douro as its backdrop and the Oporto Riverfront as its stage, the Pestana Vintage Porto represents a venue fully in sync with this place, in which history is hewn into the jam-packed houses and into the steep winding roads. The hotel’s exterior is already reason enough for staying in its interior, which is equally appealing. Recently renovated, the Pestana Vintage Porto offers a retro and cosmopolitan atmosphere.
Another reason to visit it has been added alongside the refurbishment works – the RIB Beef & Wine, a restaurant boasting meats and wines as its menu highlights and an urban and sophisticated setting providing a warm welcome. The venue develops over a number of areas, brought to life with music from DJs – the bar, an events room, the wine cellar and the restaurant.
Chosen as the showcase element of the eatery, in the hope of focusing on a well-defined concept, meat, of the finest quality and prepared to the highest level, appears in various cuts, aged for varying amounts of time, and is surrounded by a host of accompaniments.

Featured in ROOF 3



Text: Paula Monteiro
Photos: Orlando Fonseca

Pestana Vintage Porto

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