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Rita Casqueiro

Style | 13 Jan 2017



Rita Casqueiro is the brand name that belongs to the fashion designer with the same name. In a world where the search for perfection is constant, Rita Casqueiro inspires herself on the “beauty of imperfection”. She has already launched a collection in 2016, “Typical Portuguese”, and a second collection is on the way.


1 – When and how did you get the idea to create your own brand?

Due to the lack of female entrepreneurship and Portuguese premium brands, I decided to introduce myself to the fashion world.
The idea to create my own brand came a while ago. Since my freshman year, I had the idea of creating a brand as an author designer. Nevertheless, I decided to wait until I had more knowledge about design, branding and fashion. So, the brand only actually happened when I was beginning my masters.

2 – Where do you search for inspiration for your creations?

They pop up from different places. On my first collection, I decided to work with my roots and what I like about Portugal. This second collection, that will be launched in 2017, is more about what the brand is and what it wants to show.

3 – What is the concept behind the brand Rita Casqueiro?

Rita Casqueiro is a brand, on the premium market, that inspires itself in the complexity and beauty of the human being. The inspiration comes from the beauty of the imperfect, from both female and male worlds.

4 – What can you tell us about the ‘Typical Portuguese’ collection? Is it available?

‘Typical Portuguese’ was launched on the 8th of March, and is my first personal collection as a fashion designer, with the name Rita Casqueiro.
This collection is inspired on the Portuguese culture, but with the intention to get away from what is obvious and commonplace, and with focus on the authentic, rebel and contemporaneous spirit of Portuguese girls, and on their unusual way to be and to see the world. To portray this, the collection uses national fabrics, such as Chita Belmonte and Chita de Alcobaça, on pieces with a bold and female cut.
At this moment, the collection is not available due to the fact that all pieces have been sold. However, it is possible to order.

5 – When will we have news about the new collection?

Soon! Right now the project I am currently working on is the brand’s second collection. There will be a great difference from the first collection, with patterns made from scratch and bolder clothing cuts.

6 – What are the brand’s main objectives?

This brand wants to rise the fascination for human complexity and imperfection. The mission is to make human imbalance appealing, getting the brand’s DNA through. It exists to show the world the power of freedom. The power of our body, the power of freedom of speech, the power of music and nature, and both female and male power. The brand intends to shape the individuals’ mentality, showing an imperfect and free world. Always drawing attention to the physical and psychologic complexity and imperfection.


Typical Portuguese Collection


Photos: Joana Leitão
Styling and Production: Carolina Borlido e Inês de Figueiredo
Make up: Bárbara Inês
Model: Joana Graça
Shopping: Rita Casqueiro

Rita Casqueiro

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