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Riviera Cabin

Interiors | 18 Jan 2018

35 SQM


Riviera Cabin is a project from the Italian architectural firm llabb, and consists in the renovation of a studio with 35 square meters. We are in Riviera ligure, La Spezia, Italy, where the sea and the mountains meet and create a perfect setting. The nautical culture that characterizes Liguria was the starting point for the project’s development - inspired by the region’s sailboats (where spaces with minimum dimensions are miraculously optimized), the architects reorganized this apartment in a surprising way. In order to divide the environment into living and sleeping areas - as was the client`s wish - the llabb designed an `equipped wall` in okoumé wood, which runs through the studio from side to side. On this wall, are accommodated a small wardrobe, storage areas, a technical room and the bedroom, structured on two levels. The master bedroom is accessible through two large doors and, "conceived almost like the inside of a whale`s rib cage", is “wrapped by structural wooden ribs". In the heart of the house, we find the living room and the kitchen, perfectly coordinated.
Comfort, contemporaneity, and light. These are the keywords.




Photos: Anna Positano



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