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Rui Paixão

Magazine Art + Culture | 28 Sep 2016



With Rui Paixão the awareness of self came at a given moment. When it had to. Nobody said that there was time set for this. Indeed, nobody was expecting it, just him. Dwelling on his mind, he strove to find new directions, different from those that drive society towards suicide, to death that exists in life. These directions were pointed out by his parents, others by himself. He isn’t the doctor son, he isn’t the chemist son, he isn’t the footballer son. He is the clown son. At 20 he is where he wants to be. His passion for the arts led to studies in the Academia Contemporânea do Espetáculo, but he quickly gave on being an actor. “On the day they told me that this was all there was to theatre, I gave it up. Now I’m a clown”. On another day someone also told him that ‘clown’ was just a word, which meant absolutely nothing. A troubled soul, Rui Paixão has since then been looking for his own definition of clown and art has given him some answers. An excitable soul, he finds in this discovery the greatest of challenges, like recognising the primitive state of the human being, which comes before the social state.

Featured in ROOF 4



Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Orlando Fonseca (online exclusive)
Special thanks: Coliseu Porto

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