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Saigon House

Architecture | 22 Aug 2016



In Saigon, there is a story about Van Duong Phu, a masterpiece of architecture, built by Vuong Hong Sen, a bodybuilder, academic and famous antique collector who had a deep knowledge of the south of Vietnam. Vuong Hong Sen wrote numerous books about Saigon and, at the end of his days, he wanted to transform his house into a museum in order to introduce the culture of the city to its visitors. However, after his death, the house was abandoned and the spirit was totally lost.
Inspired by the story of Van Duong Phu, the owner of Saigon House wanted that this house was the meeting place for generations and that was the place where her memories will remain forever. In this sense, people, and especially children, are the main focus of this project. Rejecting the typically western homes, so popular in the neighborhood, the owner of Saigon House wanted a house that represented the culture of the city. Pitched roofs, courtyards and flowering balconies, colored walls and recycled furniture - this house is full of memories, love and tradition.


Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Quang Tran




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