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Saraiva + Associados

Magazine Architecture Interviews | 06 Sep 2016



It is among the top 100 architecture practices in the world and its expansion plans have been developing smoothly, based on consolidating its international presence. Miguel Saraiva, CEO and Lead Architect at Saraiva + Associados, reveals, in the first person, the projects and lines defining a multidiscipline team, with more than 100 people, embracing a world that is both global and local. 


12 years after setting its sights beyond Portugal, Saraiva + Associados is present in 14 countries, on four continents. Is the notion of proximity important for the development of high-quality architecture? Why? 

S+A is governed by technical and conceptual rigour, with significant local supervision, from the work`s concept to completion. The combination of these concepts with experience gained in various areas of specialisation allows us to design solutions that meet the requirements of the markets we are working in. As such, the practice has earned a very strong identity, setting itself apart as a global brand, which has necessarily brought with it agility and knowhow, to deal with the challenges of new markets and of competition on a world scale.
With practices set up in strategic markets in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe, S+A is developing local knowhow, increasingly strengthening its experience in an international arena. 


What, in your opinion, would you say is the main issue worrying young people embracing the practice of architecture today? 

As all architects say, architecture is 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration. Rarely do we come across clients that give us the time we would like to have to design. The supply/demand of projects has lost its balance and this has given the clients the possibility to want much more, with greater quality and for much less money. The drop in business, the reduced flow of capital, the chronic vulnerability of employment have thus become the worries of modern times, right across, obviously, almost every area of business. Today, young people have far fewer real opportunities; they are forced to look at this profession on a global scale, they have to search for a market. This is part of the new paradigm. They are prepared for this way of working; this is a characteristic of this new generation.

Featured in ROOF 4


@Conde Mozer Residential Building, Monte do Estoril, Portugal

@Del Mar Village Condominium, Olhão, Portugal

@Headquarters of the Polícia Judiciária, Lisbon, Portugal

@Headquarters of the Polícia Judiciária, Lisbon, Portugal

@Tagus Gás HQ, Cartaxo, Portugal

@Beatriz Ângelo Hospital, Loures, Portugal


Text: Cátia Fernandes

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