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Skyline House

Architecture | 19 May 2017



Skyline House is a house high on top of East Bay, with a view over Oakland. In 1991, this city in the State of California was struck by a fire that ravaged 3000 homes. Skyline House is the outcome of a rebuild project of one of the buildings that was consumed by the fire, by Terry & Terry Architecture studio.
The main living space is a connection between the back deck and the front garden. The space’s roof is not plane, but has the form of a tube. This unusual design creates ventilation in a house which is 1800 meters above the sea level and, therefore, liable to changes in temperature and extreme weather conditions.
The kitchen was also designed to has a connection with the exterior in order to add an outdoor dining space to the one in the interior.
Skyline House was made to a young family that privileged the open space.


Photos: Bruce Damonte Photography

Sketch: TTA

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