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Slow Movement

Magazine Style | 13 Jan 2017



We live a timed and busy life with many tasks and several pressures, that consume and occupy, in a fragmented way (if not running over), spaces and moments. We cannot be entirely there and present in any of these moments, such is our (in)capacity to fulfill the required "all-here-now" of hypermodernity and to survive the anxiety of not existing, doing or being everywhere at the same time. Remembering Bauman, this contemporary discomfort caused from too many choices, not from the lack of them. We must choose fast because the world does not stop... Having a drink unhurriedly at a real friend`s house is very vintage and is not on the list of basic needs such as good (and fast) Wi-Fi.
Friends are now social network contacts. Without them and their likes (also for sale, to quicken popularity) the virtual limbo is announced: our lives are edited in posts shared with followers who certify our existence, good taste or success, whatever that means in the world of instantaneousness and liquid modernity.

Featured in ROOF 6


Najha, Slow Fashion. Photography: José António Antunes Marques

Najha, Slow Fashion

Najha, Slow Fashion

Green Boots. Photography: João Portugal

Revoada Brasil


Text: Francisco Mesquita e Madeleine Muller
Photos: courtesy of Francisco Mesquita

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