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Spazio Archinti

Interiors | 15 Jul 2016



Located in one of the most important historic buildings in the Italian Commune of Mezzago, the Archinti space owes its name to the family who became owner of that palace in 1779. In the same building where once lived a community of monks, there is now a multifaceted space dedicated to the passion for cooking - the Archinti space.
This project emerged from the need of a space that could adapt to various situations. Their owners wanted to have the opportunity to receive a dinner with five friends or an event with 150 people, without the need to change the construction.
The solution of the MARGstudio was to create a structure composed by cubes in white aluminum that create four walls. The walls are divided into three panels, that enable the creation and modification of the structure. Thus, as a kind of "game space within the space", you can constantly change the size of the space, according to the needs of the owners. During the renewal process the designers gave special attention to a small bar, where each color serves as a background to the products on display.
In the end, the Archinti results in a multifaceted space that houses a restaurant, cooking classes and even a room for catering and events.


Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Sara Magni



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