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SPG Headquarters

Architecture | 08 Aug 2017




The new Société Privée de Gérance’s headquarters (SPG), in Geneva, Switzerland, were designed by Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti and is highly efficient on what concerns energy.
The project adapted a pre-existing building, to which were added new floors and a new façade, and the focus was on the quality of the workspace. So, the building’s exterior is made of a layer of triple pan glass and of a fourth layer of glass which “contains the micro-punctured blinds to adjust natural lighting”. The façade is complete with perpendicular glass fins.
All this was made taking into account one of the project’s main requirements: that there was a good protection from the sunlight without spoiling the view “from the inside outwards”. At night, the façade is light up with white LEDs and becomes an “urban lamp”.



Photos: Adrien Buchet

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