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Star Burger

Magazine Interiors | 06 Dec 2016



In Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, there is a space which responds affirmatively to the question: is it possible to eat a hamburger full of flavour in a restaurant with a delicious design? Sergey Makhno made sure to guarantee that the interior of the new chain restaurant Star Burger was a place where experiences occur, where customers could taste the “stars” of the menu in a cared for an innovating atmosphere. The briefing given to Sergey Makhno contemplated an area of 315 m2   and presupposed the rehabilitation of a space that in other times was a bank. Beneath a layer of polish and other excesses, the designer saw the beauty in its purest form. The intervention left 99% of the concrete showing and the brickwork to ensure the rebirth of a story for this location. One year and five months was how long it took for the work to be done and new life returned to street Khreshchatyk number 7/11.

Featured in Roof 5






Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Alexey Yanchenkov

Sergey Makhno Architects

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