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Stefan Sagmeister

Magazine Design | 07 Mar 2017



Together with Jessica Walsh and a handful of passionate designers, Stefan Sagmeister heads the New York-based Sagmeister & Walsh office. He has used his own body as canvas, travels the world in lectures and classes, and never ceases to amaze by embracing passionate personal projects parallel to what is considered one of the most relevant design offices today. Taking himself seriously is perhaps not Stefan Sagmeister`s purpose but creating meaningful work is definitely part of his existence.


Your work philosophy speaks of creating an emotional relationship. What other factors are essential to you and what sets you apart from other studios?

In the commercial world, we only take on jobs for products or services we like and use ourselves. This allows us to speak honestly about something - we are naturally interested in it. And we don`t have to lie.


Do you think there is always enough time to prepare a client`s proposal? How do you set your rules?

We normally don`t take on jobs that have a unreasonable deadline. When we say no, we find that in the vast majority of cases a new reasonable deadline can be found. Doing things faster and cheaper is stressful for us and often winds up not working for the client.

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Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Sagmeister & Walsh

Sagmeister & Walsh

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