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Street Food

Magazine Flavour | 02 May 2016


Colourful carts, bursting with flavours and aromas; bikes with trailers, laden with pepped-up ingredients; vans that open up to reveal their tempting contents; motorbikes travelling the streets, distributing regional, fresh, healthy and even gourmet flavours; meals on constantly moving wheels, food nomadism, travelling around the city in search of interested diners – street food is all the rage, going way beyond the initial concept of caravans selling burgers, hot dogs and other greasy delights, to follow a beer in the wee small hours of the morning, when hunger is calling and there is other way to appease it. Food trucks first made their appearance in the mid 19th century, in the USA – Charles Goodnight, a cattle rancher, decided to convert an old army wagon into a portable kitchen to feed the men driving cattle America’s West.

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Text: Paula Monteiro

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