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Sunny Side

Magazine Style | 11 Aug 2016



Submerging in a wave of radiant heat, getting your breath back at the surface before diving back below. The summer challenges us, elusively, to fit into a play of light and shadow for which only it knows the rules. For moments, we puff up with courage and crown the silhouettes with the glow of the sun, as if we were able to control each of its gradients.


@Bikini: LATITID / Shirt: DAILY DAY

@Swimsuit: OIÔBA / Jacket: DAVID CATALAN at scar.ID

@Bikini: LATITID / Shirt and Shorts: DAILY DAY / Shoes: WEEKEND BARBER at Daily Day

@Swimsuit: LATITID / Kimono: DAILY DAY / Sunglasses: PAULINO SPECTACLES at Daily Day


@Bikini: OIÔBA / Top: SAY MY NAME at Daily Day / Hat: FERNÁNDEZ & ROCHE at Chapelaria José & Baião

@Bikini: OIÔBA / Body Chain: Susana Bettencourt at scar.ID

@Swimsuit: LATITID / Necklace: LIA GONÇALVES at scar.ID / Sunglasses: PAULINO SPECTACLES at Daily Day



Text: Cátia Fernandes
Video: Isadora Faustino
Photography: Deyvis Malta
Assistant: Gonçalo Cavaleiro
Styling: Herpicture
Make-up: Tânia Pinto
Hair Stylist: Zé Carlos Taipa
Model: Mafalda Viana - We Are Models


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