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Magazine Architecture | 04 Apr 2016


Looking for a house with all the attributes you could wish for, located in a place in the city rich in history, surrounded by buildings or important urban heritage and by a progressively regenerated public space, without an overpowering city soundtrack, allowing silence to make its mark, calm and cosy, where gardens and vegetable patches blossom like natural retreats or life is made easy by quick and easy access to services, shops and leisure and cultural amenities – this is one of the services provided by Swark, a company founded in 2010 by Sara Silva Natária and Paulo Santos da Cunha.
After this successful exercise in house hunting, allowing clients to the find the perfect property within their budget and after filling out a wish list, in which they outline their property search preferences, and after viewing a series of selected properties, the chosen house, once Swark has dealt with all the paperwork, is subjected to a detailed renovation project, with the cooperation of various teams of architects, engineers, archaeologists and builders, hired by the company.
Respecting the history inscribed in the building, while not forgetting the comfort we demand of modern living, and allowing architectural details to continue to reveal their ‘Baixa’ or ‘Foz’ narratives, or those of any other historic neighbourhood in Oporto, Swark shows how some carved stonework, a wrought iron veranda, a skylight, a tiled wall, a wooden staircase, or artistic plasterwork embellishing ceilings and walls, can still be captivating and contribute to representing the city’s history.

Featured in ROOF 2

Text: Paula Monteiro


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