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Terrasse VF

Interiors | 09 Mar 2017



Martine Brisson designed a versatile space, on the back deck of an 1887 heritage house with a living and dining rooms and garden, in Montreal, Canada. Together with Roxanne Miller, a landscape architect, Brisson, who is an interiors designer, accepted the challenge of creating an inviting setting with effortless movement between the house and the garage, which are not connected.
Therefore, the roofs of both garages, which have different height, were used and it was built a new level at the door of the house.
The different spaces – living room/lounge, dining room, garden – allow a proper separation of functions so the space becomes more dynamic. Located on the highest point the dining room is the most dynamic zone, and the living room, on the lowest point, resembles a cocoon.
Privacy and vegetation were two of the owners’ concerns so Roxanne Miller selected low-maintenance flowering plants, also highly tolerant of sunlight. The space’s prevailing elements are cedar planks on the floor, walls, blinds, the pergola… and black steel on some boxes for plants.
But the central piece of this design is the pergola, which is suspended on an aluminium structure providing shadow but also allowing a diffusing amber light. The artificial illumination makes the space equally pleasant by night.



Photos: Pierre Béland

Martine Brisson



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