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Magazine Flavour | 16 Nov 2017



In Matosinhos, in the north of Portugal, on one of the city’s historic streets, really close to the sea, there is a place that leaves us wondering and makes us dream. Terrárea opened its doors in the end of July, on one of the old warehouses which define that area, and is a three in one. There, we can have lunch, we lost ourselves in the vastness of plants, which are for sale at the flower shop, or buy décor pieces. Márcio Pereira and Sofia Nico are each other sweethearts and this project’s mentors. Flowers were always part of Márcio’s family history. First, with his great-grandfather, then with his mother. To have a business related to plants always seemed to make sense. The warehouse’s vastness gave Márcio the ability to create a tailor-made workplace, where creativity has no limits. When we get in, we are welcomed by a delightful flowers’ scent and an infinity of natural light that fills our hearts. On a true interior garden in the middle of the city, we can choose one of the tables which are arranged around the magnificent magnolia planted in the café’s centre, and be surprised by a delicious meal. At Terrárea, we can taste several options, from soups, salads, sandwiches and planas made with a biologic bread base, vegan pastries, natural fruit juices and infusions.

Featured in ROOF 11




Text and Photography: Isadora Faustino


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