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The House for Contemporary Art

Architecture | 23 Aug 2016



F.A.D.S. designed this house for an artist and art lover who wanted a house-museum. The structure is composed of white boxes of different scales, carefully designed to respond to the adverse weather conditions of the Japanese coast. You can circulate through the spaces in this home looking at the owner`s collection of artwork just as if you were passing through galleries in a museum. Although the house is composed of several cubes of different sizes, the architects Ryumei Fujiki and Yukiko Sato managed to create a fully interconnected single structure. Facing north, fulfilling one of the customer`s requirements, the architects included a garden with direct access from the studio, which allows the owner to work inside and outside the house. One of the biggest concerns of F.A.D.S. was the interaction of the house with the environment, particularly with the heavy snowfalls in the region. In the end, the architects decided on a flat roof with no parapet that would stay relatively snow-free because of wind action. The second challenge was to create a good flow of air within the structure. To encourage natural ventilation, they resorted to a traditional design method used in Kyoto townhouses. They created a temperature differential by designing two gardens, one on the south side that would warm up easily, and one on the north side that would remain cool.
This project has been granted the Golden A`Design Award Winner for Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category in 2015-2016.




Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Hiroshi Ueda



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