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The Interactive City

Magazine Tech | 09 May 2016


When cities are attractive places, conducive to taking strolls and to discovery, they have their own dynamics, to which surprising and unexpected interventions contribute. Traditional cultural venues are not enough, street events that never change, the passivity of a show that simply ‘shows’, or spaces in which monotony has become the norm, or drawn-out routines are endlessly repeated. We need something to rouse us from the slumber, something that arouses the senses and involves the onlooker.
It was the realisation of the need for interaction between the onlooker and the work that led José Rui Veiga to call his company Sinergias Creative Media. Supplying creative products in the areas of video mapping, interactive installations, digital art and brand activation, Sinergias follows a philosophy of exchange between the audience and the ‘interface’, putting on shows and intermediate installations that explore not only the use of various audiovisual media, but mainly the interconnection between them, mutually influencing each other.


Featured in ROOF 2

Text: Paula Monteiro
Photos: Sinergias Creative Media

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