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The new menu of RIB BEEF & WINE

Flavour | 31 Oct 2016



Seeking inspiration in everyday life, memories and senses and in market demands, RIB BEEF & WINE presented the new menu that reinforces the concept of the restaurant: some more intense variations and more selections of meat.
Signed by Chef Rui Martins, the menu offers a number of new options, such as the Cool Alternatives, highlighting the Roast Beef Salad with a sauce of hoisin and watercress, the Stews Mushrooms with Garlic Cream or the Burger of Apple Chutney and Foie Gras. The new Chef`s suggestions don`t forget the famous classics of the restaurant and present some news for true meat lovers, as the Cowboy Steak or the Chuleton.
The menu also surprises by the new starters, highlighting the Olive Sanuki Wagyu with sautéed shitake, the sirloin Pica-Pau with “Salsa de la Vida” (a sweet and sour sauce ) and the Marrow Salad with tubers and toasted bread.
The creativity continues in desserts with a Parfait of Port Wine and Chocolate Mousse, and the brand new Carrot Pudding with green apple sorbet, cheese mousse, and cinnamon.
RIB BEEF & WINE is located in Pestana Vintage Porto Hotel & World Heritage Site, in the Praça da Ribeira in Porto, Portugal.


Marrow Salad with Tubers and Toasted Bread

                       Sirloin Pica-Pau with “Salsa de la Vida”                                Rice of Roasted Tomato

                              Potato, chilli, lime and ginger                                          Szechuan Eggplant

                                      Szechuan Eggplant                                                         T-bone Steak

Carpaccio of beef, olive oil, chicory and Grana Padano

                                  Tomahawk RIBeye Steak                             Parfait of Port Wine and Chocolate Mousse

Chef Rui Martins


Text: Isadora Faustino


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