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The requalification of the Abrantes Castle

Arquitetura | 01 Feb 2017



The competition launched by the city of Abrantes, in partnership with the Association of Architects (OASRS) received 12 proposals for the requalification of the Abrantes Castle and enhancement of its character of heritage city, through the creation of entertainment, cultural and tourist programs.
The proposal coordinated by the architect Laura Bacete Cebrián, member of the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid, won the first prize of the International design competition “Castelo de Abrantes”. According to the architect, the proposal pursues three goals: reactivating the architectural ensemble, improving the relation between the castle and the city and improving the internal connections between the different parts of this historical site.
As regards the architectural interventions, they can be classified in two groups. The first comprehends those interventions that connect the different parts of the site. The second includes all the interventions designed to set up the existent spaces.


1st prize
Autoria: Laura Bacete Cebrián (ES), Pablo Navas del Peral (ES), Raúl Cubo Contreras (ES), Andrea Figueroa Chaves (ES)
Arquitectura: Laura Bacete Cebrián (coordenação)
Arquitectura paisagista: Alejandro Domínguez Rueda 

2nd prize
Autoria: KWY Arquitectura, Unipessoal Lda. (PT)
Arquitectura: Ricardo Nuno Teixeira de Almeida Gomes (coordenação)
Arquitectura paisagista: Baldios Arquitectos Paisagistas

3rd prize
Autoria: Girão Lima Arquitectos + Arq. Miguel Cruz de Carvalho
Arquitectura: Ricardo Ribeiro Machado Pedroso de Lima (coordenação)
Arquitectura paisagista: Miguel Alves Palmeiro Cruz de Carvalho


The awards ceremony and the opening of the exhibition took place on January 30th at the Church of Santa Maria do Castelo, in Abrantes.


1st classified
Author: Laura Bacete Cebrián (ES), Pablo Navas del Peral (ES), Raúl Cubo Contreras (ES), Andrea Figueroa Chaves (ES)

2nd classified
Author: KWY Arquitectura, Unipessoal Lda. (PT)

3rd classified
Author: Girão Lima Arquitectos + Arq. Miguel Cruz de Carvalho (PT)

4th classified
Author and coordination: Rui Miguel Simões Gonçalves Mendes, architect

5th classified
Author and coordination: Filipe Abel Lourenço, architect

6th classified
Author and coordination: Sérgio Miguel da Silva Godinho, architect

7th classified
Author and coordination: Tiago Nuno Carvalho Freitas, architect

8th classified
Author and coordination: Paulo José Martins Ferrão Miguez Garcia, architect

9th classified
Author: Arch&Life with Miguel Ogando dos Santos

10th classified
Author and coordination: Gilberto José Alves Feiteira Maia, architect

11th classified
Author and coordination: Inês Isabel Marques Jerónimo Luís, architect

12th classified
Author: Spectro 

Photos: Ordem dos Arquitectos Secção Regional Sul



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