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The Sonnabend Collection

Magazine Art + Culture | 09 May 2016


Back in the 1960s, Pop Art, refusing to separate art and life, was established as a popular, transitory, consumable art form, using objects from the urban everyday and from domestic existence to communicate directly with the public through signs and symbols taken from the culture of the masses. Cans of soup, soap boxes, portraits of Marilyn Monroe, comic strips, photographic collages, saturated and fluorescent colours, the use of plaster, acrylic paint, polyester and latex, are some of the subject matters, materials and methods of this cultural movement started in the UK and the USA.
Paris, in 1962, saw the opening of the Sonnabend Gallery, by Ileana and Michael Sonnabend. Right from the outset, the gallery carried out a programme of promoting the creative artists of US Pop Art, setting up in the French capital as an alternative space, spreading the word of this movement. Ileana Sonnabend took an interest in art at a very early age, and was considered one of the most innovative and influential gallery owners of the 20th century. Over more than five decades, Ileana collected, promoted, shared and supported Western art.

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Text: Paula Monteiro
Photos: Orlando Fonseca

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