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The Standard

Interiors | 07 Mar 2017



Symmetry, minimalism and sophistication are the main characteristics that define The Standard, in Westmount, Canada. Designed by Jean de Lessard Créatifs, the layout focus on the “straight line, the balance of proportions and the alignment of the architectural elements”, with the brass finish wall that create the “illusion” of wainscoting.
Though it is a small space, The Standard seems spacious and, at the same time, classy. The furniture’s positioning was not left to chance. It points out the notions of horizontality and verticality, and the “seemingly free-floating” showcase pastry is one of the elements that emphasize those very notions.
The Standard is an “ebony shell”, with illumination in its centre that highlights the brass details. The design firm wanted, nonetheless, to interrupt a little bit the order that prevails on the space through the quartz worktop’s slight displacement, a central piece in the project.


Photos: Adrien Williams

Sketch: Jean de Lessard - Designer Créatifs

The Standard Café

Jean de Lessard Créatifs





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