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The World in Colour

Magazine Design | 02 Mar 2016

I have had the opportunity to travel a great deal and experience other realities… and thus, to some extent, be able to make comparisons – actually, even with the many trials and tribulations we’ve been through in recent years, I can’t think of any better place than this country by the sea.


In 2000, when I decided to create a colour identification system for the colour-blind, I admit that I never imagined the impact that it would have all around the world.

As a designer, I have always seen design as more that an “art” for creating solutions able to increase sales of products with global aspirations. So, after eight years of research, development and dedication, I realised from the outset that I was dealing with an ambitious and wonderful challenge, which I was prepared to embark on, whatever the final result.

It was following all these premises that the idea for creating ColorADD came about, an innovative, simple language, universal in its ability to work for Everyone! – and, with all this, the ambition became large and legitimate. Finding a way to reach 350 million people, who, spread all around the world, speaking different languages, living different cultures, praying to different Gods, but who have one thing in common: difficulty in “understanding” colour, whenever this is a decisive factor in identification, orientation or choice.

And if the solution is for the World, it would have to start somewhere – Portugal. (…)

Featured in ROOF 1

Miguel Neiva Designer and creator of the ColorADD colour code

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