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Toro Gastrobar

Interiors | 28 Jul 2016



The Toro Gastrobar project included the complete renovation of an existing structure in a resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. With a privileged view of the Pacific Ocean, the building was transformed in order to bring the local atmosphere to the project.
The desert climate, the arid flora and adobe buildings inspired the designers that opted for a blend between regional vocabulary and cosmopolitan elements. The colours allude to the tones of the surrounding land and most of the materials used are from local suppliers. The interior design uses icons of Mexican furniture, as pieces designed by Clara Porset and Luis Barragan, along with Italian furniture covered with fabrics and natural fibers that make reference to local traditions of weaving and painting. Some Indian patterns bring complementary colours to the earth tones and rustic materials used in architecture.
This restaurant is a balancing exercise between reinterpreting the Mexican references of the context and integrating an existing project in the surrounding landscape. Another challenge for the Studio Arthur Casas.



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Leonardo Finotti

Studio Arthur Casas


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