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Trinity Hammocks

Design | 22 May 2017



Summer is almost here and, with it, arrives that time of the year when is most common to think about the beach, rest and relax. Even though hammocks can be inviting throughout the year, they are particularly appealing during the hottest months. Trinity Hammocks is a brand that aims to “innovate the social experience of outdoor relaxation”. In consequence, the highlight on hammocks with quality and innovative design.
Two new products are added: Duality and Unity join Infinity, a triple hammock. The first one, with a focus on “design, comfort and durability”, is a mix of hanging chair and a hammock. The later, Unity, is a stand-alone hammock.
Unity and Duality get to the market “on the wings” of the 2017 European Product Design Award.



Photos: Michael D`Inca

Trinity Hammocks


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