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Magazine Art + Culture | 03 Mar 2016


Every day we travel along the paths of day-to-day life. Often, it is on these very travels, of our routine existence, that we are met by the beauty of places. Of those places that keep us company on our journey to work, on our journey back home, on an afternoon out with friends, on family walks, on journeys inside ourselves, made alone. By way of a challenge, ROOF – An In & Out Magazine asks you, via its social networks, to show us Portugal through your eyes. We would like you to show us the places that, in one way or another, make us what we are – a people rich in traditions, memories and legacies.
Despite its diminutive dimensions, Portugal is blessed with an incredible diversity of landscapes, from the green of mountains, the gold of never-ending plains, or the blue of the rivers and sea, to the white of the light bathing kilometres of beaches along the huge coastline, from north to south. We don`t want to see what we all know and have seen before. We would like you to simply show us the details that make all the difference in this, one of the oldest nations of this continent. And you`ve shown us. You`ve brought to us some of the country`s most beautiful places. And in each of these photos you can almost make out what made you stop to eternalise that moment.
Go on and get out there! Discover the other side of a country, made of the authenticity of its people, and find in these perspectives the tranquillity and unrivalled natural beauty of places that are unique in the world.

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Text: Ângela Rodrigues
Photos: Different authors

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