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Magazine Interiors | 05 Sep 2016



If there is a place that best reflects a business philosophy, the office of Trulia, in California, USA, is, without a doubt one of them. Trulia offers a digital service in the real estate sector, enabling optimised search facilities on property information for buyers, sellers, potential tenants and professionals working in the field, connecting people through a global community. Its head office has been designed to transfer precisely this notion of community from the outside in.
Designed by Rapt Studio, also responsible for designing offices for Google and Adobe, Trulia`s offices develop over six floors, over a total floor area of 7500 sqm, while embracing the concept of a tree as a living, connecting organism, an element that is symbolically demonstrated in the use of different materials and in the aesthetic options of the various areas. The reception area welcomes you with a wall of lush vegetation, giving visitors the idea of entering someone’s home. The meaning is strong and talks of success stories, of strengthening community spirit. Concentric rings converge to this arrival point, right in the heart of Trulia, as if they were the rings of a tree. Visual representations invariably remind the space`s users of a literal link to nature, as can be seen in the fissure that opens up over the library space on each floor, as well as the wood finishes and furnishings.

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Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Rapt Studio

Rapt Studio

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