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Ubisoft Quebec

Interiors | 21 Dec 2016



Developed by Coarchitecture in collaboration with LumiGroup, the new offices of Ubisoft Quebec are a stimulus to creativity and team spirit - two rules that make the success of this company.
The studio`s architecture is articulated around an electric blue staircase, placed in the heart of the building, constituting the spine of the project. The constant communication between colleagues from different teams was the priority of the entire spatial organization. The team spirit was the overall concept of the project which is inspired by games and sports fields. The light and the colours take the lead role of office’s architecture. Through the lighting - designed jointly by architects and LumiGroup - were created different universes and very special atmospheres. Public spaces are punctuated by rugged and industrial lamps that bring the urban landscape of Quebec into the building. In contrast, the meeting rooms have a more intimate and cozy atmosphere with warm fixtures. In addition, the rooms display, each one, its own colour and personality. For example, the Post-it Room, intended for brainstorming, boasts a bright yellow that aims to stimulate the imagination and innovation.
In this studio, workers have the opportunity to move, play, work and, above all, innovate. In a dynamic and inspiring environment that perfectly represents the Ubisoft`s DNA.



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Jonathan Robert




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