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A whiff of modernity

Magazine Interiors | 25 Sep 2018


There are projects that stretch through time. They live in another era, exist in different lives, in a different way. This is one of them. Located in Porto, it was reborn a while ago through Miguel Ferraz’s intervention and took about two years to be completed, to exist again. It is wonderful what we can feel when we enter a space for the very first time, specially a house. We become invited intruders, a map of private spaces, shielded to those who cross the pathway outside, is given to us. We observe the couple’s favourite chair, the kitchen that prepares feasts to the family, friends or clients, and we peek at the bedrooms, the house’s more intimate spaces. Responsible for this project, Miguel Ferraz kept up with it since the property’s purchase by the friend-owner-client. The briefing was simple: there was no briefing. “The client left everything at my discretion. It is a double responsibility because he let me do what I would like to do, but it is risky because there is a lot room to maneuver. And I knew I had to achieve what he wanted. We presented the architecture and décor project and he changed nothing”, says Miguel Ferraz. Four bedrooms, this was the client’s only “request”. The house’s memory was preserved in the sense that it worked as a capsule for the entire interiors which were built from scratch. The classic can be felt in the place, but the contemporary is dominant.

Featured in ROOF 16



Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photography: Isadora Faustino

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