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Tech | 12 Oct 2016



VELLO Bike+ is the first self-charging electric folding bike on the market. The battery of this bike can be fully recharged while driving, allowing never run out of battery power.
The energy with this new system is harvested as before by braking and pedaling downhill. But the great innovation of the VELLO Bike + is that the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy thanks to the Integrated Kinetic Energy Recovery System (K.E.R.S.). In that way, additional energy is generated to recharge the integrated battery and released to give an extra boost when riding uphill. The self-charging mode can also be deactivated and set to the highest assistance level providing constant pedal support for at least 35 km and at a maximum speed of 25 km/hour.
With an ultra-portable design, the VELLO Bike+ is also the lightest e-bike on the market and has the ability to folding down to suitcase size for easy transport and carry.
VELLO BIKE is a pioneering lifestyle brand, based in Austria, specializing in the design of innovative mobility products.



Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: VELLO bike - Leonardo Paolo Ramirez Castillo and D. Zahariev


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