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WeWork Xangai

Magazine Interiors | 08 May 2017



Located in Jing‘An district, Shanghai, in the very heart of an old residential district, there is a 20th century building, a place full of stories. With two past lives, a former opium factory and later an artist residence. Now in its third life, this majestic brick building houses the WeWork co-working company. Inspired by the feeling of the Grand Hotel, the architects of the local studio Linehouse - in charge of the project - celebrated the splendour of the location by inviting visitors and workers on board a joyful, surreal and unexpected journey. After passing through an old lane, framed by a traditional Chinese archway, we move in the building that greets us in a hybrid contrast between the old and the new. Colour and light stand out. Concrete and steel are dominant. The main atrium is bordered by the original façade, whose space is now defined by an arched wall painted in pastel tones.

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Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: courtesy Linehouse



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