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What to Expect of New Cities

Magazine Art + Culture | 03 May 2016


Cities are increasingly experimental laboratories, in which human beings strive to improve responses to their basic needs – shelter, relationships, movement, and trade. With a series of goals, we head forward in search of the best response, endeavouring to achieve private and public spaces that respect the complex dynamics of this evolution. Planning cities today implies a wide-reaching knowledge of various fields, combined with ongoing teamwork, allowing you to foresee constant transformations of urban spaces and to propose innovative solutions in the areas of contemporary architecture, landscape design, urban planning and cultural heritage. Setting your sights on the future demands careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes, whether influenced by multicultural or global economic movements, or by the momentum of new communication and interaction technologies. But there is a goal common to every party involved in new urban realities, from citizens and investors to municipal, regional and national governments: you have toadd value to cities, and this is, incidentally, the focus of major international discussions on new cities with more substantial urban systems. The major doubt for decision makers at the moment is which path to follow. It is certain, however, that we will have cities more dedicated to pleasing the reason behind their origin – mankind.

Featured in ROOF 2

Text: João Luís Rosa
Designer // Educational Counsellor at Domus Academy and NABA Milano

Illustration: Sara Pinto

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Magazine Art + Culture


Magazine Art + Culture

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