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White House

Architecture | 28 Jul 2016



The White House, located in a magnificent Brazilian beach on the north coast of São Paulo, has a number of key features to houses built in tropical regions near the ocean. The high temperatures and the salt spray effect determine extreme conditions that are very important for the choice of materials and for the organization of the plan. Thus, for example, all the building openings have frames that work as sliding glass walls which provide a pleasant temperature inside the house. In the living room, glass doors were built, embedded in the walls, that put the interior in contact with the balcony and create cross ventilation which reduces the temperature in the room.
The architects Marcio Kogan and Eduardo Chalabi, responsible for the project, have chosen to have on the ground floor all the social area of the house, including the kitchen turned to one of the side gardens. The first floor, meanwhile, houses the rooms.
The White House is characterized by the combination of resistant elements to the effects of the sea, such as wood, concrete and white aluminum. These elements create in the architecture of the house a tropical minimalism, with great influence of the Brazilian modernism.



Architecture: Studio mk27 - Marcio Kogan+Eduardo Chalabi
Interiors: Diana Radomysler

Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Fernando Guerra / FG + SG | Architectural Photography

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