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Magazine Design | 01 Mar 2016


There are no secret formulae here. There is a field open to creativity, to interchange between disciplines and a huge willingness to sample the fresh feeling of sharing ideas, of delving deep until you reach the concept and therein find the origin of the project. Eduardo Aires, creative director at WHITE STUDIO, takes us, for a few moments, on a voyage of the senses that shows us how design strives to add value and that this value is found precisely in differentiation, in the choice of pathways that differ from those that others have chosen, in going against the flow and in establishing a disruptive discourse that brings it to the “audience” in a unique manner. 

In 2015, WHITE STUDIO experienced one of its most newsworthy moments when it was on the receiving end of the top prize in the European Design Awards competition for the graphic identity of the city of Oporto. Love is what drives WHITE STUDIO creations. Eduardo Aires explains that placing love in everything they do is a complex process, which has to do with the notion of the project itself, in its ability to touch many people: the client, the people who carry it out and the people who experience it. When a project is applauded it means that it has reached peoples’ hearts and that others will allow themselves to be won over by it.

But how can this be taught in schools? Eduardo Aires has been lecturing for 27 years, has headed the Master’s programme in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Oporto for seven years, and believes that today, the two worlds, – academic and professional – have a lot to gain from each other, given that “there is a great deal of thought wisdom that comes from knowhow and vice-versa”. (…)

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Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photos: Orlando Fonseca and WHITE STUDIO


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