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World Press Photo

Art + Culture | 13 Feb 2017



Burhan Ozbilici won the World Press Photo of the Year, with a photography that portrays the moment when the Russian ambassador in Turkey was murdered in an art gallery in Ankara, the country’s capital. His photograph also got the first place on the Spot News category.
Ozbilici is a Turkish photojournalist, from Associated Press, and is the winner of 60º edition of the most prestigious contest to photojournalists. The prize, 10 thousand euros, will be delivered on the 22nd of April, in Amsterdam.
Canon, that sponsors the contest since 1992, will offer a set of material. The brand congratulated Ozbilici achievement, given that the camera with which Ozbilici took the iconic image was a Canon EOS 5D Mark III.
The winner photograph was chosen between 80 408 that were sent to the contest by 5 034 professional photographers. The first exhibition of the World Press Photo 2017 will open on the 14th of April, in Amsterdam.



Photo: Burhan Ozbilici, The Associated Press

World Press Photo


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