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World Trade Organization

Architecture | 02 Dec 2016



After winning the international competition for architectural design, the studio wittfoht architekten were commissioned to build the extension of the World Trade Organization headquarters in Geneva, which houses offices, restaurant and an underground parking. Perfectly integrated into the site, the building is in contact with the city, lakeside, creating a sense of openness and transparency. Keeping a respectful distance of the old buildings, a high-quality outdoor area was created between the two structures, that allows a natural dialogue between old and new.
Visitors are led from the main gate through the old building, over a spacious footbridge and directly into the main lobby in the extension. The new building is essentially divided into two sections - the base structure at ground level, which houses the restaurant area, and the glass structure suspended above, with the administration and office areas.
At the 2016 AAP American Architecture Prize wittfoht architekten were awarded in the category Architectural Design / Institutional Architecture for World Trade Organization.




Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: Brigida González

Wittfoht Architekten

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