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Xinhee Design Center

Architecture | 10 Aug 2016



Located in the Chinese coastal city of Xiamen, the Xinhee Design Center, for the international fashion group Xinhee, is currently under construction by MAD Architects.
Exploring the relationship between the inside and the outside, the central atrium is the essence of the space, and it’s from this zone that arise six long structures which extend in different directions, creating a radial layout that comprises a mixture of green spaces and offices. One of the biggest concerns in the realization of this project was create a building highly efficient, adaptable to local climate and with a large number of green spaces. Both the atrium and the lifted structure enables ventilation throughout whole building, providing fresh air in the summer months to each level, versus the winter months when the transforms into a sun-filled greenhouse below the glass-enclosed roof. Further, to reduce solar radiation and provide natural lighting, a translucent coating is applied on the building, which permits 40% light transmission. Solar panels aligned on the roof provide enough electricity for daily operations.
Innovative and creative, the spatial organization of the building alludes to six petals that grow from a central point. Each of the six brands represented by Xinhee has its own office and research space, but you can interact and communicate freely between departments.
The lobby serves as public space, open to staff and visitors and the passerelle lobby will serve to occasional fashion shows. The two glass elevators in the atrium allow eye contact between the different floors and reinforce the connection between interior and exterior space.
The Xinhee Design Center is now under construction and should be completed in 2017.


Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: MAD Architects



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