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Blanche Chalet

Architecture | 22 Jul 2016

The Blanche Chalet, whose name evokes the spirit of the houses of the Charlevoix region, is characterized by a light and simple architecture that complements the surrounding landscape with a touch of modernity.

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International Garden Festival

Design | 13 Jul 2016

The International Garden Festival, in Canada, invites all visitors to explore 26 interactive installations created by 72 landscape architects, architects, designers and artists from nine countries.

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Architecture | 08 Jul 2016

Situated in the privacy of a forest in Canada, FAHOUSE is an impressive house that seems to emerge from a children`s story. Exploiting the contrasts between light and opacity, the architect designed a house for a young couple and two children.

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Les Jumelles

Architecture | 14 Jun 2016

With a privileged view of the Baie-des-Chaleurs in Caraquet, Canada, Les Jumelles are two small sister constructions linked in order to create a single family holiday house.

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