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Emmanuel Babled

Magazine Design | 14 Mar 2018

There is a fierce contagious enthusiasm in this studio we`re visiting now. All objects are organized in a space generously flooded by Lisbon´s light, leaving a clear message that here exists an open path for creativity, a place for trying out new forms.

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Dinara Kasko

Magazine Flavour | 09 Mar 2018

From architecture to cake design, chef Dinara Kasko moves between them with a unique combination of lightness and grace, creating an art of her own that uses a part of both areas.

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Mansion “L’hôtel de Bethmann”

Interiors | 27 Feb 2018

An “enounter between past and present”. This is, in simple lines, a mansion’s definition in Bordeaux, France

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Chapter IV

ROOF X INSANE | 26 Jan 2018

Each time INSANE Luxury Design presents a collection to the world different stories come together. The designers’ stories, the craftsmen’s, the materials’, the places’ that surround them.

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Chapter III

ROOF X INSANE | 19 Jan 2018

Landslide, Flume, Amethyst and Pebble are just some of the latest objects launched by INSANE Luxury Design in 2018 and revealed today at Maison&Objet, Paris, that goes until the 23rd of January.

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Chapter II

ROOF X INSANE | 16 Jan 2018

There are no limits to creativity. The INSANE Luxury Design team is comprised of elements from different areas - from product design, architecture, to industrial and technical design.

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Martinhal Sagres

Magazine Style | 16 Jan 2018

It`s not often that a place touched by nature is shaped by human hand and remains, in essence, faithful to its origin. Such places are rare, but they do exist. No one would have said we were in the depths of autumn.

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Chapter I

ROOF X INSANE | 10 Jan 2018

New frontiers are conquered. A brand-new design concept arises, and ROOF Magazine closely follows the path of INSANE Luxury Design`s latest collection around the world. A story with several chapters. This is the first one.

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PlusMinus Screwdrivers

Design | 05 Jan 2018

They are screwdrivers with a contemporary design. Product design atelier Selek Design’s aim was to create a piece that harmoniously fitted all living spaces

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Design | 08 Dec 2017

It is a design brand. But always design with a story behind it, e preferably one that makes you smile. Donkey stands out for its innovative products inspired on the everyday life

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Studio Deusdara

Design | 17 Nov 2017

Studio Deusdara is Portuguese and Brasilian. It was created in Brasil, in 2012, by the hands and the "creative mind" of architect and designer Davi Deusdara and, now, its headquarters are in Braga, on the north of Portugal

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Design | 16 Nov 2017

RIZO is Studio Cast Glass’ new flagship brand. This brand distinguishes itself for the luxury, for the intangible belonging which characterizes its pieces, each one with a unique story

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