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Design | 08 Dec 2017

It is a design brand. But always design with a story behind it, e preferably one that makes you smile. Donkey stands out for its innovative products inspired on the everyday life

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Studio Deusdara

Design | 17 Nov 2017

Studio Deusdara is Portuguese and Brasilian. It was created in Brasil, in 2012, by the hands and the "creative mind" of architect and designer Davi Deusdara and, now, its headquarters are in Braga, on the north of Portugal

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Design | 16 Nov 2017

RIZO is Studio Cast Glass’ new flagship brand. This brand distinguishes itself for the luxury, for the intangible belonging which characterizes its pieces, each one with a unique story

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Design | 15 Nov 2017

Tharsis, a Spanish product design and engineering company, developed a television stand with an innovative concept, which they called Flamingo

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Dubai Design Week 2017

Design | 03 Nov 2017

Dubai Design Week 2017 (DXBDW) is almost here. Between the 13th and 18th of November, it will take place the third edition of the most important design event in the Middle East

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Luxury, Art & Design Weekend

Style | 02 Nov 2017

The 6th edition of Luxury, Art & Design Weekend starts tomorrow, November 3rd, and lasts until Sunday

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Perles et Paddock

Interiors | 26 Oct 2017

Perles et Paddock is a restaurant whose interior design was thought by three. A designer, an architect and a restorer worked in permanent cooperation and created a space inspired in the neighborhood’s history

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Light on White Design Studio

Design | 09 Oct 2017

Light on White is a design studio which has architects and interior designers and offers its clients turn key service, from planning to the finishing

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Monoloko Design

Interiors | 17 Aug 2017

This house, with simple geometric shapes, it`s a synthesis of natural materials. Since the modern façade, that combines wood and stone, to the finish in warm tones, all there is inviting and welcoming

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Perrin Paris x Zaha Hadid Design

Magazine Style | 09 Aug 2017

The known language of Zaha Hadid Design studio blended itself with the Perrin Paris incomparable craftmanship, in the exact right measure.

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Five Fields Play Structure

Art + Culture | 03 Aug 2017

This is a structure, in Lexington, Massachusetts, that Matter Design & FR|SCH Projects designed with the aim of having no well-marked purpose

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Interiors | 21 Jul 2017

Boundary project, in Taiwan, is defined by its grey materials, such has exposed concrete and grey black veneer, mixed with low brightness colours

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