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Chapter IV

ROOF X INSANE | 26 Jan 2018

Each time INSANE Luxury Design presents a collection to the world different stories come together. The designers’ stories, the craftsmen’s, the materials’, the places’ that surround them.

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Chapter III

ROOF X INSANE | 19 Jan 2018

Landslide, Flume, Amethyst and Pebble are just some of the latest objects launched by INSANE Luxury Design in 2018 and revealed today at Maison&Objet, Paris, that goes until the 23rd of January.

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Iva Viana

Design | 14 Dec 2017

Iva Viana is the artist behind the sculpture atelier where unique pieces are made, born from the passion for what is handmade

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Design | 08 Dec 2017

It is a design brand. But always design with a story behind it, e preferably one that makes you smile. Donkey stands out for its innovative products inspired on the everyday life

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Art + Culture Videos | 13 Sep 2016

The route of street art is ready to receive the public with graffiti signed by the Portuguese Mr. Dheo, Hazul, ARM Collective and Pariz One, the Spanish Pantone and the French Katre.

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Hupomone Ranch

Architecture | 25 Jul 2016

The ranch had been fallow for over 30 years and the owners, a young family with three children, wanted to build a barn house that would reflect their commitment to sustainable agriculture.

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Baobab Collection

Design | 22 Jul 2016

It was in 2002, in Tanzania, that Baobab Collection first saw the daylight. Now, returns to their African roots, specifically to the island of Madagascar, to present the Project M.

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WW Chair

Design | 22 Jul 2016

WW Chair is a hybrid piece which gives a contemporary twist to a traditional design. The legs and seat are inspired by the classic lines of a Windsor chair, with the surface of the seat designed to ensure greater comfort.

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Daily Day

Style Videos | 21 Jul 2016

Open since December 2015, Daily Day is located in Avenida dos Aliados, in the heart of Porto city, and is much more than a store.

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House in the Black Stones

Architecture | 20 Jul 2016

Located on the southern coast of Porto Santo island, the House in the Black Stones is a JBMG arquitetos project developed to maximize all usable space for construction.

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Phum Baitan

Magazine Interiors | 20 Jul 2016

In the Khmer language, the official language of Cambodia, Phum Baitang means green town. But Phum Baitang is much more than this. Just outside Angkor, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Phum Baitang is a resort that promises total immersion in the essence of the

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Moritz Waldemeyer

Magazine Design | 20 Jul 2016

In Moritz Waldemeyer’s mind, the concept of frontier is difficult to grasp. Beyond the boundaries, the German designer, based in London since 2004, travels a path of experimentation, fusing technology, art, fashion and design.

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