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SIRI House

Architecture | 15 Dec 2017

Thought out for a family of four, brothers and sisters, and also considering the future members, architectural studio IDIN Architects designed a house with a large “utility space”

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Beresford Road

Architecture | 13 Dec 2017

A Victorian duplex, in Beresford Road, London, was revitalized by architectural studio Russian for Fish

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IN 3

Art + Culture | 11 Dec 2017

A mix of art, architecture and domesticity. This is architect Jean Verville’s suggestion with three installations, named IN 1 2 3, in which “sensory perception is asked to transgress the physical limits of space”

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GOM House

Architecture | 07 Dec 2017

In France, more precisely in Montpellier, the redesign of villa from the nineties was the origin of a lovely space for the family that owns it

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Lego House

Magazine Architecture | 22 Nov 2017

Now, LEGO has its own house, made with the brand´s culture and values by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) architectural office. A glimpse is enough to absorb LEGO´s essence, magic and the imaginary-

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Duplex Tibbaut

Architecture | 21 Nov 2017

The rehabilitation of two independent residences – on top of each other – very much neglected was the beginning of architect Raúl Sanchez’s project

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Arthur Casas

Magazine Architecture Interviews | 14 Nov 2017

He usually says that the surname determined his profession. But Arthur Casas´ intervention, currently one of the most prominent architects, goes far beyond the creation of iconic residential buildings.

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Architecture | 13 Nov 2017

In 2018, Marvila receives the first Lisbon project designed for the new generation

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Dream House

Magazine Architecture | 08 Nov 2017

When we enter this house, we enter a dream. It does not belong to us. It was not dreamed by us. But it is, all over and in the true sense of the word, a dream.

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Companhia das Culturas

Magazine Style | 06 Nov 2017

We are in Castro Marim, in Eastern Algarve, and our destination, Companhia das Culturas (CC), is only a few short minutes away.

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Sanbao Art Museum

Architecture | 31 Oct 2017

In a village in which porcelains are ingrained in society and in the way of living, Sanbao Art Museum was born.

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The Sisters

Architecture | 28 Oct 2017

La Malbaie, lakeside, is the idyllic scenario that welcomes this family project

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