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Chapter II

ROOF X INSANE | 16 Jan 2018

There are no limits to creativity. The INSANE Luxury Design team is comprised of elements from different areas - from product design, architecture, to industrial and technical design.

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Design | 15 Jan 2018

Galactica was thought out as a veiled tribute to Eileen Gray, an irish architect, visionary and eccentric, from the XIX century

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Chapter I

ROOF X INSANE | 10 Jan 2018

New frontiers are conquered. A brand-new design concept arises, and ROOF Magazine closely follows the path of INSANE Luxury Design`s latest collection around the world. A story with several chapters. This is the first one.

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Barn In The City

Design | 21 Dec 2017

The innovative brand Barn In The City surprising with a new take on design, mixing aged barn wood with modern design and contemporary finishes

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Design | 12 Dec 2017

HAY was founded, and keeps working, with a goal in mind: “to create contemporary furniture”, always attentive to the modern living

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Interiors | 22 Nov 2017

What Iles proposes is that furniture is organized in formations called islands, instead of being against the walls as is usual, allowing a “multilateral access” to each piece in the space

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Beams Chair

Design | 16 Jun 2017

Beams Chair, elegant and functional, is a lightweight and durable wooden armchair from the German brand EAJY, winner of German Design Award and European Product Design Award

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Design | 22 May 2017

Extremely fast and easy to assemble, Triangular is a bank that uses the modularity and compactness to fit all spaces

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Perplex Concrete Bench

Design | 06 May 2017

Signed by the industrial design studio Fig40, the idea was to create a bench that was impossibly long and surprisingly thin

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Design | 07 Apr 2017

When visiting a café, always an obvious question arises: where to put our bag or purse. Phebos Xenakis, a young Belgian designer Belgian, created a table which promises to solve this problem

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The Roaring Twenties

Interiors | 22 Feb 2017

The Roaring Twenties is a furniture line that travels to the beginning of the XX century, but with a touch of modernity

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Design | 21 Feb 2017

Design, craft, furniture. DAM is a Portuguese brand that combines these three areas and, above all, wishes that its objects tell a story

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