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Freakloset x Wasted Rita

Design | 09 Nov 2018

The Portuguese brand of custom shoes Freakloset joined the illustrator Wasted Rita to create a true work of art to be worn on the feet

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Marta Vilarinho de Freitas

Magazine Art + Culture Interviews | 10 Jul 2018

The look turns in the direction of the pen´s tip. Firm, unshakable, like someone commanding a concealed vibration that grows into an erected drawing.

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Luis Dourado

Magazine Art + Culture | 22 May 2018

His roots are Portuguese and he studied Industrial Design. Lives and works in Berlin and develops his activity mostly in graphic design and illustration. Luis Dourado´s artistic work are intricate puzzles that are eye-catching and provoke a primary curios

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Los Caminantes

Art + Culture | 30 Nov 2017

The perfect mix between photography and illustration. That’s what Felipe Bedoya gives us with ‘Los Caminantes’ project, where he depicts roaming vendors and their vague nature

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Tina Siuda

Art + Culture Videos | 11 Jul 2017

Her native country is Poland, but Portugal, more specifically the city of Porto, where Tina Siuda, an illustrator, established in such a way that she already feels at home in this town

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Júlio Dolbeth

Art + Culture Videos | 28 Jun 2017

Roof Magazine spoke with Júlio Dolbeth, one of the founders of Dama Aflita art gallery, in Porto

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Marta Vilarinho de Freitas

Art + Culture | 24 Apr 2017

“Cities and Memory – the Architecture and the City” is a project by Marta Vilarinho de Freitas, an architect

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Ana Aragão

Magazine Art + Culture | 08 Mar 2017

We are on Rua de Cedofeita, in the heart of Porto. The illustrator Ana Aragão welcomes us in her painting gown that has long ceased to be white.

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Mariana, the Miserable One

Magazine Design | 18 Jan 2017

The hands on the clock just reached five minutes past 9 o`clock. We rang the doorbell and climbed to the second floor of a cozy building located on the Rua da Picaria, in Porto. We knocked lightly on the door, on the other side we were received by a sweet

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Happy Socks

Style | 20 Sep 2016

Its collections continue to be designed in Stockholm, Sweden, but the brand has already expanded to over 70 countries. The collection Local Hero is, as brand says, "a series of collaborations with a strong local connection".

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