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Madeira - Belmond Reid’s Palace

Magazine Style | 15 Dec 2017

Madeira flourishes in a noble way and every year attracts travelers from all over the world in search of the sea´s ​​warm water, a climate where we can feel the four seasons in one day.

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Interiors | 04 Dec 2017

In Bonfim, in one of the oldest urban areas of Porto city and with a strong industrial heritage, born the new offices of Blip

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Magazine Interiors | 27 Nov 2017

Entirely renovated, the Hotel Tofana integrates the mountain, both in architecture and interior design, in charge was noa*´s office.

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Interiors | 27 Nov 2017

In Montreal, Canada, Nature Humaine architecture and design studio, developed a “common, but deconstructed” space

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Califórnia Nails

Interiors | 27 Nov 2017

The latest interiors’ project of the Australian design studio TomMarkHenry gives life to a new nail salon in Barangaroo, Sydney

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Interiors | 22 Nov 2017

What Iles proposes is that furniture is organized in formations called islands, instead of being against the walls as is usual, allowing a “multilateral access” to each piece in the space

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Magazine Interiors | 15 Nov 2017

In this project the material defines the shape. It surrounds us visually. It intrigues us. Linehouse studio was invited to create a second store for the streetwear brand ALL SH.

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Arthur Casas

Magazine Architecture Interviews | 14 Nov 2017

He usually says that the surname determined his profession. But Arthur Casas´ intervention, currently one of the most prominent architects, goes far beyond the creation of iconic residential buildings.

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Louis Poulsen

Magazine Design | 13 Nov 2017

Invited by Astratec, Louis Poulsen’s agent in Portugal, we flew to Copenhagen and we dived into the essence of a brand which is a global reference in design and production of architectural and decorative lighting.

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Interiors | 07 Nov 2017

From a neoclassic apartment to a contemporary living space. This was the challenge to the atelier Coletivo Arquitetos, in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Companhia das Culturas

Magazine Style | 06 Nov 2017

We are in Castro Marim, in Eastern Algarve, and our destination, Companhia das Culturas (CC), is only a few short minutes away.

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The Sisters

Architecture | 28 Oct 2017

La Malbaie, lakeside, is the idyllic scenario that welcomes this family project

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